"Finest amongs the knights with the most couragous and noble hearts"

Trovlin is the first representative of the Human armies alongside with Evelyn.

He's an experienced knight in charge of the army for the player. He also aids in sevral battles, as his class in a Noble, but classified as a Guardsmen instead.

Since he is classified as temporary ally, he only appears in battle in the auto dispatch. And usually charges first in the battle. He's a General, so fighting just by himself is always as enough as an arsenal.


Trovlin is a middle-age man with the stature of a 'bulk' enough knight. He's nose is highly distinctive, since its arced strongly downwards. His eyebrows and mustache are both grayish-white, along with his eyes which have apparant 'small bags' paired wiht his bamboo green irises.

Hence his title and status, he's a knight by full time. He wears a full plated 'bluish-platinum' armors consists of chestplates, helmets, armguards, plates, leggings and boots. He also wears inner light cerulean blue 'wygar' along with carminish chestnut leather gloves.


As he is classified as Knights, he's much more as an advanced one. He's class is Noble, but knowledged as Guardsmen instead. In battle, he charges first with his broadsword bashing upcoming enemies. As his roles as a melee charger, as his Health is high, along with his strong Armor, bring him alongside with Medics or Priests and healing him barely even depletes his Max Health as the healing penalty for him is very low.


Trovlin Stat
Statistic Summary Details
Role Melee
Speed Fast 60
Armour Studded 2
Health 6.1/10 4000
Damage 3.8/10 1000
Attack Speed 8.5/10 1.2
Range 1.6/10 40