Tinklers is an elf cultural building. As such its purpose is to increase your city's culture total. It can be upgraded up to level 3.

Description: Emits a beautiful sound on windy days.

Level 1 Edit

Apprantly, Tinkler is a large tree that resides a hollow room inside. The trees are twisted with its own aerial roots scattered from atop of it. The leaves are bushy, full of shades. By the 'foot', there is a vine-like gate of a hallway door with green leaf-shaped tiles for the roof. On the ground, the grasses are soft, lush and yet moss-like in the texture. Around the tree, there are two bushes with small pinkish-violet berries. Around all of that, a basic wooden rope-fence and gate.


Level 1 has silver animated bells (not shown)

  • Culture Gain: 1,120
  • Required Level: 17
  • Required Research: Theatrics
  • Silver Cost: 17,920 Silver
  • Size: 1x1 on city map
  • Build Time: 1 hour 30 min

Level 2 Edit

Level 2 Tinkler building is now have a slightly more dense leaves and under the tree there is a small bush that has sprouted with several berries like the other two. Above the roof of the gate hallway, added a small ornamental piece of circular wood that points downwards. The fence is now has more aesthetic value, with wavy wooden fencing with the cylindrical poles that has a spherical shape on top of all of it. The gateway is pair the same with the fences, along with much more graceful appearance.


Level 2 has gold animated bells

  • Culture: 1,600 (+42% / +480)
  • Required Level: 19
  • Upgrade Materials: 3 Stone, 3 Tools, 3 Rope, 3 Skins, 2 Oak, 2 Redwood, 2 Arcane Plans (20,000 Silver)
  • XP: 540

Level 3 Edit

The level 3 Tinkler building is now have more have denser leaves than before. The tree now has several additional sprout of branches, the tree also has a window that greatly resembles much like the gate hallway. The gate hallway now has the wooden ornamental points upward, and has a much more golden in color. The Fences are still the same, their gate on the other hand, has it own pair.


Level 3 has gold bells and 2 elves in the tree (not shown)

  • Culture: 2,600 (+62% / +1000)
  • Required Level: 22
  • Upgrade Materials: 5 Stone, 5 Tools, 5 Rope, 3 Oak, 3 Redwood, 3 Arcane Plans (30,000 Silver)
  • XP: 938