Roads and walls provide more culture needed to support all the other buildings. As well as, a more realisitc and defensible look to your town. With the exception of shrines, all other buildings require culture to use. If you do not have enough culture, you will not be able to collect population from the residential buildings, you cannot start any new contracts to produce more military units, and you cannot collect any completed contracts for the units.

Human Roads and WallsEdit

Building Size Cost Initial
Culture increase
for each upgrade
Dirt Road 1x1 160 100 (Not Upgradable) 1
Cobblestone Road 1x1 640 150 (Not Upgradable) 1
Paved Road 1x1 3,200 200 (Not Upgradable) 1
Water 1x1 400 200 (Not Upgradable) 1
Stone Wall 1x1 640 150 (Not Upgradable) 1
Stone Gate 1x1 1600 200 (Not Upgradable) 1
Stone Tower 1x1 3,200 250 (Not Upgradable) 1