Guilds allow players to work together to complete different achievements. Starting a guild is free, but you will need at least five players to get the guild started or else pay a lot of gold. Once the various achievement is completed, every member of the guild receives a varying reward. The best rewards seem to come from the achievement of leveling up your guild itself through each member gaining experience points.

Guilds also gain access to a shared newsfeed, showing all the accomplishments of each member. Also, a chat box, message of the day section, and the ability to participate in battles with other guilds.


Guild Level Up Reward (All Members)
Level 2 2% More Silver From Victories
Level 3 5% XP Boost
Level 4 -5% Troop Lost on Raid Defense
Level 5 5% More Silver From Goods Contracts
Level 6 -5% Spell Production Cost
Level 7 12% Hero Health Boost
Level 8 5% More Silver From Victories
Level 9 -5% Building Cost
Level 10 5% Population Collection Boost
Level 11 -5% Troop Production Cost
Level 12 10% XP Boost
Level 13 -10% Troop Lost on Raid Defense
Level 14 10% More Silver From Goods Contracts
Level 15 -10% Spell Production Cost
Level 16 25% Hero Health Boost
Level 17 10% More Silver from Victories
Level 18 -10% Building Cost
Level 19 10% Population Collection Boost
Level 20 -10% Troop Production Cost
Battle Achievements Requirement Reward (All Members)
Aggressor Win 2000 Offensive Raids 250 Silver
Slayer Slay 5000 Enemy Troops 500 Silver
Deployment Deploy 5000 Troops in Battle 500 Silver
Raider Win 1000 Raids 2500 Silver
Tensions Flare Attack and Win 20 Guild Battles 2500 Silver
Guild Victory Win 10 Guild Battles 2500 Silver
Win on Defense Win 10 Defensive Guild Battles 2500 Silver
Gathering Achievements Requirement Reward (All Members)
New Recruits Train 5000 Troops 500 Silver
Growing Pains Move in 5000 Residents 500 Silver
Stockpiling Harvest 5000 contracts from goods buildings 500 Silver
Training Achievements Requirement Reward (All Members)
Conscription Train 1000 Conscripts 500 Silver
Train Scouts Train 1000 Scouts 500 Silver
Train Macemen Train 1000 Macemen 500 Silver
Spell Achievements Requirement Reward (All Members)
Spell Collector Collect 1000 spells from temples 500 Silver
Pyrotechnics Cast 500 fire spells in battle 500 Silver
Lightning Cast 500 lightning spells in battle 500 Silver
Frozen Cast 500 ice spells in battle 500 SIiver
Magic Caster Cast 1000 spells in battle 2500 Silver
Building Achievements Requirement Reward (All Members)
Township Build 1000 Buildings 500 Silver
Urban Sprawl Build 1000 Residental Buildings 500 Silver
Cultivate Culture Build 500 Cultural Buildings 500 Silver
Upgrader Upgrade 500 Buildings 2500 Silver