Military Unit Achieved Crystal Cost Role
Macemen Beginning 10 Crystals Melee
Infantry Beginning, (Need Small Ruby) 10 Crystals Melee
Riflewomen Lvl 2, Ranged Combat Research 15 Crystals Ranged
Axeman Lvl 5, Military Training Research 25 Crystals Melee
Curer Lvl 8, Combat Healing Research 35 Crystals Healer
Trapper Lvl 10, Trapping Research 40 Crystals Special
Grenadier Lvl 11, Explosives Research 55 Crystals Ranged
Blaster Gold Gold Unit (Improved Grenadier) 55 Crystals Ranged
Crusher Lvl 12, Warhammers Research 60 Crystals Melee
Smasher Gold Gold Unit (Improved Crusher) 60 Crystals Melee
Shieldman Lvl 13, Shield Fighting Research 75 Crystals Protector
Deflector Gold Gold Unit (Improved Shieldman) 75 Crystals Protector
Launcher Gold 240 Gold for building (Launcher Station) 75 Crystals Ranged
Bishop Gold 149 Gold for building (Bishop Chapel) 80 Crystals Healer
Berserker Lvl 15, Berserker Fury Research 85 Crystals Melee
Guardian Lvl 18, Guardian Trainers Research 100 Crystals Protector
Flame Thrower Lvl 21, Flamethrowers Research 120 Crystals Magic
Cannoneers Lvl 24, Combat Cannons Research 150 Crystals Ranged

The first Conquest mission for a Dwarf is *Travel Up to Golden Hill* where you will face Basic Infantry Goblin and Miner Goblins. After sucessfully completing this Conquest you will unlock Gnome Archers, a Bonus Military Unit.